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Dealerlogix® Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information Dealerlogix (“we”) collects and what we do with that information. This Privacy Policy is subject to our Hosted Services Agreement, and capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in our Hosted Services Agreement.


    The information we receive about you (which we refer to as your “Personal Information”) is comprised of Posted Information, Use Information and Derived Information:

    A.“Registration Information” is information you are required to provide to register with us when purchasing products or services or otherwise according to the provisions at our web site. This information may include your name, address, telephone number, email and other contact information, as well as information regarding your use of our products and services. We do not make any Registration Information public. You may update your Registration Information at any time, and you agree to keep your Registration Information current at all times while your account is active.
    B.“Feedback Information” is information you submit through our web site, or submit to us through our products and services, regarding our requests for comments regarding our customers or third parties, including the metadata relating to that information.
    C.“Posted Information” is Registration Information and Feedback Information.
    D.“Use Information” includes:
    i.information we receive from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access our web site, which may include your IP address and other information regarding your computer, internet service, the browser you use, and the pages of our web site that you visit, and other activities while visiting our web site or using our products and services, including tracking your activity at each page of our web site;
    ii.information we receive from you through our web site or otherwise in connection with our request for comments or feedback on third parties;
    iii.information we may receive from advertisers and other third parties when you click on advertisements or links to third party websites at our web site, including the pages you visit, your activity on those pages and your purchases or other transactions with those third parties.
    E.“Derived Information” is information that we create by combining and/or analyzing some or all of Your Personal Information.


    A.We use Registration Information to manage your account and your activities at our web site and your activities as our customer. We also use your email address to contact you regarding your account. We do not gather Registration Information from visitors.
    B.Feedback Information will be provided to our customers and third parties in the form you provide as well as in excerpted, aggregated and anonymized forms. We may also use Feedback Information in our advertising, marketing and other communications.
    C.We may send general information regarding our web site and our products and services to our customers, to the public or to targeted groups based on Derived Information.
    D.We may use your Personal Information to determine which emails and notices we send to you as a customer under the applicable customer agreement, but we do not use Personal Information other than from customers to contact you.
    E.We use use Information and Derived Information to determine those emails and notices to send to you, and we may use Personal Information to tailor for you our web site pages and content you view when you access them.
    F.We use your Personal Information to manage our web site and our products and services, to improve our business and provide new web site and product and service features, and otherwise to manage our business, but without disclosing your Registration Information except as necessary for such purposes. We will disclose Personal Information as we are required to do by applicable law, and may disclose Personal Information when requested by law enforcement authorities.
    G.We may “de-identify” your Personal Information by removing your name, telephone
    H.We may use your Personal Information for purposes other than those permitted in this Privacy Policy, but only after you consent to such use.


    Once you share any Personal Information with a third party, including our other users and visitors, and including any third party including third parties who are linked at our web site, we have no control over that Personal Information and how it is used by each of them.


    A.We may use “cookies” in connection with our web site and our products and services, which are small files placed in your browser software or device. We may use cookies for purposes relating to our web site and our products and services, including:
    i.Authentication: to identify you as you visit different pages of our web site and use various features of our products and services.
    ii.Security: to enable or support security features of our web site and our products and services.
    iii.Advertising: to help us deliver advertisements to you that are more relevant to you.
    iv.Web site Features: various features of our web site may depend upon the information stored in our cookies to perform properly.
    v.Performance: to help us provide a better user experience, such as helping information load faster into your browser and respond faster to your inputs.
    vi.Analytics and Research: tracking your use and activities both on and off our web site to enable us to improve our communications with you and to tailor your experience, such as features of web site pages, advertisements and Solicitations provided to you.
    B.You may block our cookies, but then you may not be able to use certain features of our web site and products and services.
    C.We may use third party service providers to provide part of our web site and products and services or to help us provide our web site and our products and services, and these third parties may install cookies and may use the information gathered by cookies installed in your browser to help us deliver our web site and our products and services and as permitted in this Privacy Policy on our behalf.


    You may terminate your account at any time in connection with the termination of the contract applicable to you.


    We may change this Privacy Policy by posting a new version here on this site. If you do not agree with any change, you may terminate your account as provided above, and may choose not to submit any further Personal Information or visit our web site. We will notify you in writing at least five (5) business days prior to posting a new version.

(February 2017)

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